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An actor, poet and zombie enthusiast, Seth Peterson is best known for his roles in NBC's Providence and USA Network's Burn Notice. He has a very active Twitter account, where he shares Random Thoughts and his original poetry, as well as interacting with fans and friends.

Seth was born in Washington Heights, NY and bounced back-and-forth between Brooklyn and Los Angeles in his early years. His father, now retired, was a high school mathematics teacher. His mother, formerly an actress and founding member of the award-winning Colony Theater in Los Angeles, works as a computer technician. Seth enjoyed his younger days at the Colony Theater so much that he returned to perform there after high school.

For 10 years, he studied a variety of acting methods, appeared in local equity-waiver theater and worked part-time jobs to support himself. "I just kept plugging away," he recalls. This practical approach landed Seth guest-starring roles in such series as "Arsenio," "Clueless," "Relativity," and "Beverly Hills, 90210" early in his career. Seth later went on to be a series regular on NBC's "Providence" and a recurring role as "Nate" in the popular USA Network series "Burn Notice."

Seth has had many guest starring TV roles including The Shield, Deadwood, CSI: NY, Lie to Me, NCIS and BONES. His feature-film credits include "Godzilla," "Can't Hardly Wait," the award-winning independent film "Hate Crime," and the feature film "Sedona."

Seth on BonesAn avid Texas hold 'em enthusiast, Seth has tried his hand as a professional Texas hold 'em dealer and was honored to be chosen to deal the final round in the 2016 World Poker Tournament.

Seth lives in the Los Angeles area and takes great pride in his four children: daughters Fenix and Riven, and sons Lennon and Quinn.

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Seth took his favorite poems that he had posted on Twitter and published them in a collection entitled "Eclection". It is now available at

"Twitter helped me rediscover my love for the art."

The award-winning poem "One Foot on Each World" was Seth's first published work.

One Foot In Each World

Well... I flew there and stood on the sun
With a burn red enough to cook on
As I sizzle back to reality
I let beads of sweat fall free
All the while I open my eye
And smile as the pain
Stretches across the sky
The mirror holds more than you know
Will she be there?
~ I hope all I can hold is everything...
And nothing is left to let go ~

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The best way to contact me is through Twitter.

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